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Aurality -20°10’45.3176” -044°04’01.4329”
by nikolfo (vinyl 12” and digital)

Aurality -20°10’45.3176” -044°04’01.4329” was recorded at the Fazendinha, or Little Farm, near Belo Horizonte, in Minas Gerais, Brazil. Augmenting past inquiries into the materiality of sound and its role in mediating experience and transmitting knowledge, de Paula Lefort surveys the consonant properties of the region’s biophony. The album is a two-sided exploit of a 24-hour period radiating out of dawn and dusk. Divided further, each cyclical procession yields a new orchestra of natural sonic phenomena.



solar panels on the moon
by sir o sir

Solar Panels on the Moon is a collection of restrained, yet poignant ambient soundscapes. Meditative field recordings permeate throughout; whether Athenian buskers, or Polish street bazaars, ambient sounds splice with the weight of visceral, droning chords. The album is a meditation on the inevitable dissolution of earth’s resources and its singular solution, which remains shrouded in simplicity.


famous grapes sessions

02 // ACUD Macht Neu

> niko lfo & laura fong prosper 'aurality' premiere
> ramsha
> etherlands


famous grapes sessions

01 // ACUD Macht Neu

> lea taragona & martín antolínez
> sir o sir & elsa laurent
> motorcycleroaddome
> lea fabrikant
> diego ferri
> daniel melfi
> dokia

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